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Banner Sizes
There are no official requirements for banner ads, other than the specifications given by individual advertisers. However, the following is a list of the most common ad sizes. Click the titles to view a banner example:

  • Full Banner - 468 by 60 pixels. The Full Banner is the most common size. An alternate size is 392 by 72 pixels for Full Banners with vertical navigation bar.
  • Half Banner - 234 x 60. Aptly named, if you put two Half Banners side-by-side, they equal a Full Banner.
  • Square Button - 125 by 125 pixels. Smaller banners are considered "buttons". The Square Button is commonly used in vertical navigation bars.
  • #1 Button - 120 by 90 pixels. # 1 Button, # 2 Button, and the Vertical Banner are all the same width, offering multiple options for ad design, page layout and cost options.
  • #2 Button - 120 by 60 pixels. This button works great with the other buttons in vertical layouts and used in conjunction with the Full and Half Banners in horizontal layouts. A Full Banner does not span a 640-pixel web page width so you can add a No. 2 Button to fill the space.
  • Vertical Banner - 120 by 240 pixels. A great alternative for either a vertical version of the banners, or a larger version of the buttons.
  • Micro Button - 88 by 31 pixels. It's all in the name: a great tool for brand advertising.
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