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How do I get a FREE banner?
Our FREE PIC and CLICK Banners are terrific 468x60 static banner bases that include a PICture and a CLICK here. CLICK HERE for our wide assortment of PIC and CLICK banners.

How do I get a CUSTOM banner?
Our Custom Banners range from $20 static banners up to fully-customized, highest caliber animated and interactive banner creative. CLICK HERE for ordering instructions and detailed pricing.

How do I receive my completed banner?
If you do not receive confirmation from us within 24 hours after placing your custom banner order, we did not receive it. Please go to the Custom Banner Order Form or to the PIC and CLICK "Text Added" Order Form and re-submit your information.

Upon receipt of your custom banner order, we will notify you of the approximate date you can expect a solution. When we start work on your banner, we will notify you via e-mail, enclosing a user name and password to enter your private Client Area. There you can view the work in progress and send us feedback. Once you have approved your banner, simply right click on it to save it to your hard drive. Alternatively, we can send your banner to you via e-mail attachment or you can retrieve your banner from the following URL:[yourfilename].gif

The [yourfilename] will be shown in the e-mail notification and in your Client Area.

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